July 1, 2010


Welcome Paul Martin to Pittsburgh. Martin, the Defenseman from New Jersey is a solid pickup for Shero and Co.

The Pens threw a big time 5 years and $5M per at Martin.

I’m not a number kind of guy, but the Pens cap situation seems to be tight. Here is a look at the Pens cap situation as of 2:30PM.

(Thanks to nhlnumbers.com for the chart)

Kind of crazy that Martin is the highest paid defensemen on the roster now.

The Pens need one more defensemen. Ben Lovejoy could be an option if the Pens want. In fact, it’s probably the best option.

Mark Eaton may be re-signed, but would have to be on the very cheap because…

The Pens have really about $2.25M left to play with. The defense looks now like one of the NHL’s best. The winger situation is scary though.

Have to assume Eric Tangradi will be called up for this season.

The Penguins still need to sign at least one winger you’d think. The Penguins can’t afford top players now, not even most mid-level players.

So where do they go? I guess we’ll find out in the next few minutes, hours, days…


Appears to be a done deal: Zybnek Michalek has signed with the Penguins.

Michalek’s deal is for 5 years, $20M.

Michalek was a crucial piece for the Phoenix Coyotes last year, which is why no one knows who he is.

ANALYSIS: He is a physical defenseman and recorded 3 G and 14 A last season, playing in 72 games. That was the least amount of games he has played in a season since he came into the NHL, so he seems to be durable. It seems that the Penguins are wanting to get more physical on defense and Michalek seems to be a good fit for that. The deal is a little steep, but I think it could pay off.

Per TSN.com, Sergei Gonchar has signed with the Ottawa Senators.

The deal is reportedly 3 years at $5.5 million per.

ANALYSIS: That’s a hefty price for Gonchar, who is 36 and was completely exposed at the end of last season, especially in Game 7 vs. Montreal.

Lots of talk now about who is coming toPittsburgh. Reports of Sheldon Souray, Anton Volchenkov and others possibly coming to the Pens now.

Thanks for the memories Gonch, but you’re now the enemy.


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