‘Twas the night before Lebron…

So, there is this guy named Lebron James who is good at this sport called basketball.

Like really good.

Despite having not won anything of value during his seven-year career, he is possibly the most coveted free agent in the history of professional sports.

Lebron is more than just a good basketball player. He transcends the game in the way that Michael Jordan did. He is a leader in fashion, the main figure in the Cleveland community (they don’t have much else), and a role model to kids in Northeast Ohio.

Quite simply, Lebron is Cleveland.

It can be argued that Lebron James is the most important athlete on the face of the earth.

Tomorrow night, Lebron will announce his decision LIVE on ESPN at 9PM.

The decision to make this so highly publicized has received much scrutiny.

People are saying James is an attention hog and thinks he is bigger than his team and bigger than the game.

Maybe this is true. It may be. The whole deal with him calling himself “King James” seems a little conceited. Sure, that title was thrown on him at a very young, very immature age, but to call yourself the “King” when you have never won anything seems a bit much.

As far as those who criticize Lebron for making the announcement, I ask you to calm down.

Do not think that this is 100% Lebron James’ decision. I have a good feeling that this is something that has been in the works for some time now and that Lebron is receiving a nice payment for this.

Don’t be surprised if you see some new commercials during this hour-long special, much like the Super Bowl.

Ratings baby, ratings.

Ask yourself, if someone was going to boost your image even larger or you were going to be getting money to decide what company you will be working for or what college you will be attending in the fall, would you do it?

Now, where do I think Lebron should go. Over the past year, I’ve become a bit of a Cavalier fan. I know, I know. I just pretend they play in North Pittsburgh.

However, don’t think my opinion is bias, because I’ll be okay if LBJ heads somewhere else.

The options:

New York Knicks: Big stage, bright lights. He gets to play with Amare Stoudemire by his side in the Mecca of basketball. However, questions still remain if they can put enough pieces around him to make a dynasty.

New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets: Again, big stage. New arena on the way in the BK and a chance to rebuild a franchise to prominence. Will be very difficult for them to build a dynasty with the free agents that are left and the roster they have right now.

Miami Heat: Gets to play with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. A dynasty in the making is possible in beautiful South Beach. If Lebron goes there and wins championships, it won’t be his doing. That is nearly a monopoly and will be nothing like what Michael Jordan did in Chicago.

Chicago Bulls: Gets to walk in and be the best player and leader of an already stellar team. Gets to play with a star in the making in Derrick Rose. However, if Lebron goes there, his image will always be overshadowed by Michael Jordan. He would put basketball back on the map in Chi-Town, but may be wanting to establish his own legacy somewhere else.

And finally…

Cleveland Cavaliers: Stays in his hometown. Even if he doesn’t win championships there, the people will still love him. He means more to Cleveland than any other player does to his city in all of professional sports. He is the city of Cleveland and it would say a lot about his character for him to stay there. However, questions about the team around him, especially having to go up against Miami, Chicago, Boston and other teams that are good and getting better. Can Lebron win with the team he has in Cleveland right now? He hasn’t been able to yet.

Where he should go:


Yes, I would like Lebron to stay in Cleveland because I like winning and watching competitive teams. Except the Pirates, I guess since I still like them.

I won’t drive to Cleveland to watch a team lead by Mo Williams, or worse.

Don’t think I’m just going all homer on this either. I think Lebron means a tremendous amount to Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio and that it would say a lot for him to stay and make his own legacy in Cleveland.

Michael Jordan created his own legacy.

Paul Pierce will never have a legacy in Boston because the only way he could win was with help.

If Lebron wants to be one of the greatest winners of all time, he should do it on his own.

His presence means too much for him to leave Ohio.

We’re 21 hours away from sports history.


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