Sometimes, people do not do the right thing.

Unfortunately for the city of Cleveland, they just don’t know what the right thing is.

Lebron James has joined the Miami Heat.

Of course, you already knew that.

During the hour-long, pathetic special last night, Lebron James smacked the City of Cleveland in the face.

How pathetic is it to parade on national TV, just to tell the world that you are leaving your hometown.

I have no problem with Lebron leaving, but the way he went about it is absolutely shameful.

Of course, by now everyone has also heard of the Comic Sans letter of the century by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert.

This emotional and , to be honest, slightly immature letter has received much scrutiny.

ESPN actually thought it was a hoax at first, but, it most definitely is not. The letter has not been apologized for or taken down, despite reports that the NBA is not pleased with it.

But more about Lebron:

The people most affected:

1. Obviously, Cleveland. The Cavs have gone from a title-contender to a lottery team overnight. Cleveland has been through so much with the “catch,” the “drive,” the “fumble,” the “single,” the “shot,” the “move,”  and now…the “decision.” Love or hate Cleveland, you have to feel for them in a way. Could you imagine if Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal and Marc Andre Fleury all left at the same time? That’s the impact Lebron has left. This is a catastrophic blow to Cleveland. Think about the rest of their teams: the Indians (2nd worst record in the AL) and the Browns (5-11 last season, 7th worst record in NFL). The Championship outlook is bleak in the C.

2. Obviously, Miami. While the Cavaliers attendance is likely to dip (it increased by nearly 50% when Lebron came), the Heat have already announced that they have had to cut off season ticket sales and start a waiting list. The city will boom as the team will go from the 15th best attendance in the NBA to, well, probably one of the best. Downtown Cleveland thrived with Lebron in town and downtown Miami is likely to do the same.

3. Amar’e Stoudemire. This guy must be kicking himself right now. He went to the pathetic Knicks in hopes that it would bring Lebron along. Well, that isn’t happening and it looks like Amar’e will be stuck on a crappy team, unless they can snag Carmelo Anthony in a year. Sorr’e Amar’e.

4. Erik Spoelstra. You may be asking… who? Spoelstra is actually the coach of the Heat. However, you have to feel in a way for this guy. If they win, it will be because of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. If they are not succesful, he is going to be fired and Pat Riley will take over coaching, which will probably happen anyways.

Now obviously many more have been impacted by this. Chicago had cleared a lot of cap space for Lebron, the Nets wanted him badly, the city of New York has been wanting him for two years now. ESPN is getting drilled for this, Lebron is getting drilled for this. It is just an ugly situation.

Back to Pittsburgh sports from now on. Forget the NBA.


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