Super Burgh?

Reports have been flowing about the possibilities of the Pittsburgh Steelers making a bid to host a Super Bowl at Heinz Field.

(Picture taken by yours truly)

With the awarding of the Super Bowl in 2014 to New York/New Jersey, the NFL has opened up the pandora’s box, if you will, of Super Bowl host cities.

As a Pittsburgher and football fan, I would love to see this happen.

It would be phenomenal for the City and the North Shore and Western Pennsylvania in general.

Plus, who else deserves a Super Bowl more than the franchise that has won more than anyone else?

The Pro’s:

– It can be argued that no team, and more specifically no ownership, deserves this more than the Steelers and then Rooney family. They have been one of the most influential sports families in the history of professional athletics.

– It would be great for the City of Pittsburgh, a city that went through so many good times, then so many bad times and had since built itself into the most livable city in America.

The Con’s:

Weather. Think about the last few years and what the weather has been like here in Pittsburgh on Super Sunday. Last year we had 23 inches of snow. Sure, they are playing the game in New Jersey where the weather is pretty similar to Pittsburgh. However, Giants Stadium will have an artificial field turf. Heinz Field will not.

– Stadium size. Currently, Heinz Field is the sixth-smallest stadium in the NFL. Remarkable, considering the size of the fanbase and waiting list. At 65,050, the Steelers would need to get about 5,000 more seats in there for it to be possible. There is room for some expansion (additional seating in south of stadium), but it would change the feel of the stadium if it was done permanently. It could happen, but are the Steelers willing to alter the stadium for one event?

Personally, I think a bid should be made. That’s just my opinion though. The reasoning for the Steelers to not do it is very valid. There are many difficulties in hosting an event of that magnitude in Pittsburgh.

By then, the new North Side expansion should be completed, allowing fans to park in the South Hills or downtown and ride in for the game on the “T.”

I am pro-bid really based on personal interest alone really. The finances and stuff aren’t my game and I understand that, so I’m not about to go around acting like I do.

Quite simply, the Steelers should do what they feel is best for the Steelers, the fans, the NFL and the City of Pittsburgh.

Until that decision is made, we can only dream…


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