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Coming soon…
July 18, 2010

Big news on the IGS front.

Coming soon… I will be making a weekly podcast.

It’s my goal that the four people that read this blog can now listen to me as well.

My promises: No BS. It’ll be a low budget/no budget podcast. There may be video at some point, but until then, just audio.

Can’t wait.

The open has been completed.. Hoping to get it on Youtube tomorrow.

Good times.


Watch out internet. I’m back.
June 30, 2010

After a lengthy time off, I have returned to the Blogosphere. And I’m here to take it by storm.

I welcome you to “Ice, Grass and Steel.”

Formerly known as “The City of Champions,” “Ice, Grass and Steel” will bring you news and opinions about all things Pittsburgh sports and more.

About me:

I’m a graduate of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. I was born in the city limits and lived in the city limits my entire life. I live for Pittsburgh. I hosted a radio show on 670AM WPPJ called “After Further Review” and wrote a column in The Globe Newspaper called “Pucks, Passes and Pierogies” for the last year.

Blair and Young get hosed.
June 26, 2009

Last night was the over-hyped NBA Draft. Normally, I couldn’t care less about the NBA Draft. But this year, two Pitt stars, DeJuan Blair and Sam Young were predicted to go in the first round, with Blair in particular to go in the middle of the first.


Young (23) and Blair (45)

Young (23) and Blair (45)



Unfortunately, these two Pitt stars slipped drastically to the second round of the draft.

Young was taken with the 36th pick and Blair was right behind at #37. They went to the Memphis Grizzlies and the San Antonio Spurs, respectively.

The cool thing is that these teams are in the same division, so they will get to play each other frequently. 

I was pulling for Blair to go to Cleveland, but they took some guy from the Congo instead. Whatev.

I’ve seen these guys play in person for two years now. Blair is just as tough as Tyler Hansbrough and a better rebounder. Sam Young was, in my opinion, the most NBA ready player. The guy played the college game like no one else. Without other talented guys on the team (Blair, Levance Fields, etc.) Sam Young is an early first round pick. Congrats to Memphis, they just got a future everyday starter in the 2nd round.

Here though is my favorite DeJuan Blair moment:

That play summed up the whole game really.

Blair-6’6″… Thabeet-7’3″

By the way, Thabeet, who Blair owned, went 2nd overall in the draft.