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Super Burgh?
July 16, 2010

Reports have been flowing about the possibilities of the Pittsburgh Steelers making a bid to host a Super Bowl at Heinz Field.

(Picture taken by yours truly)

With the awarding of the Super Bowl in 2014 to New York/New Jersey, the NFL has opened up the pandora’s box, if you will, of Super Bowl host cities.

As a Pittsburgher and football fan, I would love to see this happen.

It would be phenomenal for the City and the North Shore and Western Pennsylvania in general.

Plus, who else deserves a Super Bowl more than the franchise that has won more than anyone else?

The Pro’s:

– It can be argued that no team, and more specifically no ownership, deserves this more than the Steelers and then Rooney family. They have been one of the most influential sports families in the history of professional athletics.

– It would be great for the City of Pittsburgh, a city that went through so many good times, then so many bad times and had since built itself into the most livable city in America.

The Con’s:

Weather. Think about the last few years and what the weather has been like here in Pittsburgh on Super Sunday. Last year we had 23 inches of snow. Sure, they are playing the game in New Jersey where the weather is pretty similar to Pittsburgh. However, Giants Stadium will have an artificial field turf. Heinz Field will not.

– Stadium size. Currently, Heinz Field is the sixth-smallest stadium in the NFL. Remarkable, considering the size of the fanbase and waiting list. At 65,050, the Steelers would need to get about 5,000 more seats in there for it to be possible. There is room for some expansion (additional seating in south of stadium), but it would change the feel of the stadium if it was done permanently. It could happen, but are the Steelers willing to alter the stadium for one event?

Personally, I think a bid should be made. That’s just my opinion though. The reasoning for the Steelers to not do it is very valid. There are many difficulties in hosting an event of that magnitude in Pittsburgh.

By then, the new North Side expansion should be completed, allowing fans to park in the South Hills or downtown and ride in for the game on the “T.”

I am pro-bid really based on personal interest alone really. The finances and stuff aren’t my game and I understand that, so I’m not about to go around acting like I do.

Quite simply, the Steelers should do what they feel is best for the Steelers, the fans, the NFL and the City of Pittsburgh.

Until that decision is made, we can only dream…


Watch out internet. I’m back.
June 30, 2010

After a lengthy time off, I have returned to the Blogosphere. And I’m here to take it by storm.

I welcome you to “Ice, Grass and Steel.”

Formerly known as “The City of Champions,” “Ice, Grass and Steel” will bring you news and opinions about all things Pittsburgh sports and more.

About me:

I’m a graduate of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. I was born in the city limits and lived in the city limits my entire life. I live for Pittsburgh. I hosted a radio show on 670AM WPPJ called “After Further Review” and wrote a column in The Globe Newspaper called “Pucks, Passes and Pierogies” for the last year.

Controversies, Rumors and Training Camp
August 3, 2009


The good news: We’re eleven days away from the first preseason game.

The bad news: the start of training camp has been filled with controversy and rumors.

First, there is the Ben Roethlisberger civil case looming over camp.


Despite this being a big distraction, it seem Roethlisberger is extremely focused on football, which is for the best.

At this point, Big Ben being overly focused on being a good quarterback is a very good thing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The other big story is the potential of former Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick joining the Black and Gold. 


There have been rumors of Vick being spotted on the Southside and Latrobe, but nothing has been proven (A danger of Twitter).

At the start of the rumor spreading, I thought that this was ridiculous and that an organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers would never do anything like this.

But, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. 

The Rooney’s have historically got rid of anyone who was trouble, this is well documented with players such as Bam Morris and Plaxico Burress. 

But this would be a chance for a showing of compassion and a chance at redemption, as well as doing NFL Commissioner ROger Goodell a huge favor.

Vick needs to be on a team that has a proven #1 Quarterback (Check), solid team leadership by strong moral individuals (check), good team ownership, coaching and management (check) and lastly, a team that could use his talents (check).

So, while it still seems unlikely that Michael Vick will land in Pittsburgh, I would not be completely shocked, as we do provide an environment that he needs.

On a good note, Heath Miller signed a six-year extension to remain in Pittsburgh.


I used this picture the other day, I just love it.
I used this picture the other day, I just love it.

I love this move by the Steelers.

Miller was entering the last year of his contract. He is, in my opinion, the most underrated Tight End in the NFL.

He has become a big bailout for Roethlisberger while he is running around for his life.

It’s great to know that the Heinz Field crowd will have seven more years of yelling “Heeeeeeeath!” after every catch he makes.

Holy crap it’s football season.


Steelers 2009 Outlook (Day 4)
July 23, 2009

Offensive line time.

Not too much to brag about here… except that we won a Super Bowl.


Starks, Kemoeatu, Hartwig, Stapleton, Essex.

Craig Urbrik could see some time, but he’s a rookie.

Offensive line is whatev, but so crucial.

The Steelers didn’t do much to improve the line. Hopefully the group will tighten up so Big Ben can stay off his back. 

June 14, 2009

This City.


This week I’ll be doing some serious recap action of the playoffs.

Too busy celebrating to write really.

I’ll say this though, everyone wants to shove it in Marian Hossa’s face, and that may be justified… 

But, we should be thanking Hossa. Because of him we were able to land some big free agents, such as Ruslan Fedotenko and Miro Satan, as well as Bill Guerin, Matt Cooke and so-on. 

Also, Hossa was outscored by Max “Superstar” Talbot in the playoffs, so who needs him?

Not putting down Maxie, who is a great player.

I’ll be getting some picstures up from the celebration as well as the parade tomorrow.

Rob Scuderi
June 10, 2009

Game 7.


How about the Cooke-Staal-Kennedy line?

Now, going to a game 7 feels great. But it means nothing if you don’t get the win.

Let’s do it.

June 4, 2009

I’m going to cool down about this Pirates trade and see how I feel about it when I wake up. Then I’ll talk about how unreal idiotic that organization is.

Last Night Can Only Be The Start
June 3, 2009



Big time crowd outside.

Big time crowd outside.



66 dropped the puck.

66 dropped the puck.



Awesome pictures.

I’m watching Jim Rome right now, who said the series is still over and basically that the Wings will win the next two games.

My question: does Jim Rome actually watch hockey?

My guess: no.

Here’s the thing, rather the Wings and their fans will admit it or not, Detroit threw their best at the Pens last night. And the Pens won. The Pens deserved a split in Detroit, but didn’t get it.

The play was pretty even in the first period, and a 2-2 score proved it.

Detroit played unbelievable in the second period, but MAF stood tall, despite getting target practice thrown on him.

The third period made the Red Wings look slow, old and tired. The whole third game in four nights thing (which I think is somewhat overrated) might have played a factor.

The Wings committed another obvious penalty and the Pens made the most of it, with a scorcher from Gonchar.

People are going crazy about the no-call with the Pens having six guys on the ice.

I’ll admit it, that is pretty poor officiating to not call that, but so is not calling Delay of Game when a skater covers the puck with his glove in the crease.

We’re even. Get over it.

But we shouldn’t feel that the Pens are completely back in this thing. We still have to win three games, the Wings only have to win two.

The Pens have to win three out of the next four games against the most experienced team in hockey.

It won’t be easy.

Can they do it?

Oh yeah.

Will they do it?


Go Pens!

Initial Reaction to Game 3
June 3, 2009

Here’s all I’ll say.

If the Pens play the rest of this series like they played the 3rd Period tonight, they will win in 6.

Game 4 is going to be huge. You know Detroit is pissed.

Everyone is saying this is like last year. Yeah, the pattern is similar. But this team knows what happened last year.

Plus, this is a different team. They will be doing their best to not go down 3-1.

Great night, but this battle is far from over.

Go Pens!

Do or Die.
June 2, 2009

Tonight is it.

Win and the Pens are back in.

Lose and the Cup is basically going back to Detroit.

The Igloo needs to be loud. Who knows, it might not have another chance to see the Cup.

Rally the troops.

It’s go time.

Go Pens.